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    1. About

           SHENZHEN FANGXIAN TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD2005 founded in known as " China's Silicon Valley ," said the high-tech city - Shenzhen . Here a strong innovative environment to promote side was growing rapidly and become a shining pearl industry in the field of human-computer interface . Companies adhering to the "professional ", " quality" , "reliable" , the concept of "innovation" , adhere to professional casting quality, reliable drive innovation in practice. Relying on strong R & D capabilities and its own intellectual property rights, with a 100% annual rate of rapid development .
            Fang significant technology products divided into two categories : display and touch. LCD display products including bus controller , AV driver board , AV + MCU control panels , HMI ( serial -type liquid crystal display module ) . Formed from 3.5 " to 12.1" full range of HMI products. Touch products include 4-wire / 5 wire resistive touch screen controller. Interfaces include USB, serial , PS2. A host of different types of general-purpose and there is a dedicated single-chip type . In the car , navigation, video intercom , tablet PCs, notebooks and other small fields has been ... details


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